Kim Furnari

Purchasing or selling a home or piece of property is a significant event No matter the cost of the property or the size of your wallet, the transaction is important. Where you live contributes to how you live, its meaningful, it makes a difference, its personal, it is important. I have purchased a fair amount of properties during my life and there were times when the agent I dealt with acted like a waiter or waitress who after handing me a menu waits silently for me to decide what I would like. This works perfectly fine when I’m deciding between shrimp scampi or steak. The consequences of those decisions are fleeting, they are momentary, they do not last. The decision in buying or selling a home has consequences, the decision lasts, the decision matters. When it comes to buying or selling a piece of property Kim Funari knows that handing you a menu of properties and waitingpassively for your decision is no way to treat such an important event. Kim’s active participation in what was a rather difficult choreography of 3 real estate transactions I recently had resulted in the 3 deals happening in the order they had to and when they had to. “on paper” my transactions all worked, but in the starkunforgiving light of reality the task at hand was daunting, the odds were not great. Kim’s approach, her methodical & pragmatic coordinating with all parties involved worked. Her handling of issues and bumps in the road worked. And in the end the improbable deal that “worked on paper” met the challenge; it just worked. If you want to ponder a menu of properties and drift through the process of an important event call whoever you want. If you want to get the deal done, a deal that you will live with call Kim Furnari And for me, that’s how it all worked….

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